Solidarity Statement

We voice our unconditional support for the uprising in the wake the George Floyd’s murder by the Minneapolis police. It is clear to anyone who is listening what is going on, as the state swiftly mobilized vast resources of repression against the same people who have suffered most for its failed pandemic response. In this moment of incredible grief, we have been inspired by those facing down the cruelty of the police. These last few days have been nothing short of an open revolt against a society that violently subjugates black life. More steps have been taken on the path of abolition in the last week than the last year. But we also understand the stubbornness with which whiteness holds onto power; exacting change at a cost, demanding incredible sacrifice before history can be made. This is why The Public School Los Angeles calls all to stand on the side of Black America and those taking action, and against the value of property and the police.