Propose a Class

The Public School is now seeking proposals.

For suggested topics, see below the form.

We welcome all topics, but are particularly interested in proposals touching on the following themes (in alphabetical order):

• Afro-pessimism; the black radical tradition; Black Lives Matter and anti-racist politics
• Anarchist and Marxist organizing and theory
• Anti-fascism; solidarity with countries under right-wing governments, such as Brazil and Hungary
• Contemporary art, the art world, and the economics/politics of art
• Biometrics and biopolitics
• Borders and citizenship
• Climate change (and climate change rhetorics); deep ecology; anarcho-primitivism
• Decolonial theory and practice
• Digital archives and libraries
• Feminisms after #MeToo
• Geography, especially the geography of Los Angeles; urbanism; smart cities
• Gig and sharing economies
• Housing, development, gentrification, impact of AirBnB, tenant organizing
• Human trafficking
• Indigenous struggles
• Labor organizing and strikes (such as the LAUSD teachers’ strike)
• Non-profit industrial complex and philanthro-capitalism
• Open data; mesh networking
• Palestine and the Israeli occupation
• Policing (predictive policing, facial recognition, militarization, police violence); prison abolition; prison architecture
• Political graphics, propaganda, tactical media
• Psychoanalysis
• Radical spaces (free schools, squats, community centers, communal living)
• Reading groups on Los Angeles-focused texts (for example the recent books City of Segregation and City of Inmates)
• Scamming and jamming, hacking, sabotage (everyday practices of resistance)
• Social democracy and its limits
• Social reproduction; housework; Marxist feminism; anarcho-feminism
• Sound (sound studies, noise, experimental music)
• Technologies of capitalism: artificial intelligence, automation, drones, logistics
• Transgender politics
• The Yellow Vest (Gilets Jaunes) movement; reports on other global struggles

Please indicate the scope of your proposed class/event (for example: recurring reading group, one-day event, series with a fixed duration). The Public School is located at 951 Chung King Rd, Los Angeles.

The Public School Los Angeles is unaffiliated with any party, political organization, or union. Please disclose any political affiliations in your proposal. Although we welcome classes and events hosted by organized groups, all programs must be open to the general public, and we do not host either recruitment events or internal group meetings.